Tailored ML Solutions: Custom Model Development & MLOps Implementation

Datamation is the leading industry resource for B2B data professionals and technology buyers. Datamation’s focus is on providing insight into the latest trends and innovation in AI, data security, big data, and more, along with in-depth product recommendations and comparisons. Learn the latest news and best practices about data science, big data analytics, artificial intelligence, data security, and more. The capabilities of machine learning platforms vary widely, and no one ML tool is going to be right for every use case. The selection process should involve carefully taking stock of your organization’s needs — now and in the near future — and finding the best fit for your budget. We develop tailor-made machine learning software that fits the individual needs of our clients and can be smoothly integrated into existing IT infrastructure, while outperforming out-of-the-box solutions.

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Today’s dynamic business landscape demands intelligent and adaptable solutions, and this is precisely where custom machine-learning solutions shine. Tailored to meet the unique challenges and aspirations of your business, these solutions offer not just a technological upgrade but a strategic advantage. Whether it’s harnessing intricate data, enhancing customer experiences, or optimizing operational efficiencies, a custom machine-learning solution is your gateway to unlocking unprecedented potential. The integration of machine learning models into user-friendly formats is crucial.

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For readers unfamilar with differential privacy (DP) in machine learning, DP defines a quantifiable indistinguishability guarantee between two models $M$, $M’$ trained on datasets $X$, $X’$ that differ in any single training example. The canonical procedure, DP-SGD, works by clipping the L2-norm of the per-example gradients and injecting some per-coordinate Gaussian noise to the gradients. The idea is that the noise would mask or obscure the contribution of any single gradient (example), such that the final model isn’t sensitive any exmaple. It is usually denoted by ($\varepsilon, \delta$)-DP; the stronger the noise, the smaller the scalars ($\varepsilon, \delta$), the more private. Forms 2-4 are sometimes known as “approximate unlearning” in that the unlearned model approximates the behavior of the retrained model. Form 5 is quite new and interesting, and more specific to instruction-following models.

  1. Veda’s technologies provide a faster way to process data, automate tasks and organize patient information.
  2. Customers have used MATLAB and its ML capabilities in developing technology for autonomous vehicles, assessing fall risk for older adults and analyzing data to identify potentially safer battery materials.
  3. Duo Security uses machine learning across its suite of cybersecurity products and services to provide advanced threat detection, authentication and fraud prevention services.
  4. For Hearst, we developed an automated content discovery & categorisation system that made what was once impossibly difficult an automatic process.

Practice, pitfalls, and prospects of unlearning

Since most of us have smartphones and laptops, we have all interacted with some form of AI powered software from Windows’ Cortana to Apple’s Siri. We may not have found them useful but B2B AI applications are more compelling with numerous benefits. AIMultiple informs hundreds of thousands of businesses (as per Similarweb) including 60% of Fortune https://traderoom.info/ 500 every month. We have provenly escaped the PoC-to-application gap and deployed most of our software in production. With many years of experience, we are experts in writing robust and maintainable code. SoundHound partnered with Honda Motor Co., Ltd. to assist in the development of the car manufacturer’s voice-enabled AI assistant.

Strictly Necessary Cookie should be enabled at all times so that we can save your preferences for cookie settings. As the ML market continues to grow, finding the right company can be difficult. ML has started to grow throughout all industries, and companies increasingly adopt it to advance their infrastructure. TIBCO Data Science offers a 30-day trial as well as details on pricing when a free trial is selected. Databricks offers a free 14-day trial or request a demo, for exact pricing, contact sales. He graduated from Bogazici University as a computer engineer and holds an MBA from Columbia Business School.

Indeed, one might imagine separate benchmarks on unlearning personally identifiable information (PII), copyrighted content, speech toxicity, or even model backdoors. For example, for unlearning PII, we might care about exact token regurgitation, whereas for toxicity, the unlearning metric would be the score reported by a ToxiGen classifier. The underspecification of the unlearning requests means that we now have to deal with the notions of “unlearning scope” (or “editing scope”) and “entailment”. For large models in particular, it’s also worth distinguishing the cases of unlearning pre-training data vs unlearning fine-tuning data. The latter is a lot more tractable; for example, we could indeed fine-tune large models with differential privacy but not so much with pre-training.

You’ve probably head of machine learning as it exists in many Demand Side Platforms in the form of ‘automated bidding’. Automated bidding functionality does not require a manual CPM bid input nor any further bid adjustments – instead, bids are automated and adjusted based on machine learning. Automated bids work from goal inputs, eg “achieve a CPA of x” or simply “maximise conversions”, and these inputs steer the machine learning to prioritise certain needs within the campaign. This tool is immensely helpful in taking the guesswork out of bids and the need for continual bid intervention. Our custom models are particularly effective in optimizing supply chain operations.

It needed a machine learning solution to automate quality assurance, enhancing accuracy and efficiency. The solution utilized computer vision algorithms to detect defects in endoscopes, providing detailed reports for quick corrective action. After testing, the company implemented the system on a wide scale, resulting in decreased quality control time and improved trust in the quality assurance process. TIBCO sells a range of software products related to data integration, data management, and analytics. It offers features like data preparation, model building, pre-built templates, version control, auditability, AutoML, embedded Jupyter Notebooks, and more.

Indeed, despite the heuristic nature of these approaches, these are what most empirical unlearning algorithms, especially those on large (language) models, are doing these days. Indeed, what qualifies as an “audit” could very well be definition and application dependent. If the auditor only cares that the unlearned model performs poorly on a specified set of inputs (say on a set of face images), then even empirical unlearning is “auditable” (see next section). More generally, the essence of exact unlearning of this form is that we want modular components in the learning algorithm to correspond to different (potentially disjoint) sets of the training examples. Luminoso deploys ML in sifting through massive amounts of text data from call centers, chatbot transcripts, social media posts and more. The company’s platforms can learn from the conversations and feedback to improve client interactions.

In-housing would be appropriate in such cases if the company can not secure exclusivity from vendors. Metropolis’ computer vision platform enables people to transact in the physical world with even greater ease than we experience online. Because it’s important, it’s everywhere, and impacts everyone – enabling millions of consumers to just “drive in and drive out” – that’s it. This intuition implies that certain unlearning requests are much harder or simply unsatisfiable (any attempts are bound to have flaws).

However, modern AI solutions need a degree of specialization since they are based on data. Since it takes significant effort to obtain the data and build a high performing model, there are still numerous areas where mature AI solutions do not exist. But most AI tools only work when the world looks the same tomorrow as it did yesterday.

The hardness of erasing data from ML models has subsequently motivated research on what is later referred to as “data deletion” and “machine unlearning”. Hyperscience turns human-readable content into machine-readable data by using ML (among custom machine learning solutions other technology) to automate office work. In the healthcare industry, for example, Hyperscience’s platform can be used to process physician order forms and prescription forms faster to reduce costs and cut down on billing mistakes.

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